St. Mary-Basha Catholic School Advisory Board


 The name of this body shall be the St. Mary-Basha Catholic School Advisory Board, hereinafter referred to as the "board."


Section 1

 General Eligibility: Each member of the board shall be at least 21 years of age and demonstrate the following:

A.    Interest in and commitment to Catholic education in general, and a specific    commitment to the mission and philosophy of St. Mary-Basha Catholic School.

B.    Availability to attend meetings and periodic in-service programs and to participate in committee work.

C.   Ability to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.

D.   Ability to deal with situations as they relate to the good of the educational ministry of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Chandler, AZ and St. Mary-Basha Catholic School.

E.    Capacity to give witness to Christian and moral values within the school and parish communities; a member of a parish; or if non-Catholic, not be opposed to the tenets of the Catholic faith.

F.    Willingness to maintain confidentiality and high level of integrity.

G.   Commitment to living a professional and personal life that is reflective of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

H.   Willingness to participate in and provide leadership for resource development programs for the school. It is the expectation that all board members will financially support the school to the best of their ability, consistent with the boar d's goal as presented in the annual development plan.

I.      Not be a member of the school staff or a spouse, child, sibling, in-law or parent of a school staff member.

J.    Not be a family member (spouse, sibling, parent, or grandparent) of a current board member.

Section 2

 Pastor's and Principal's Role: The pastor, by virtue of his role as the pastoral and spiritual leader of the parish, is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the board. All board votes are subject to the pastor's approval.

The principal is an ex-officio, non-voting member.

 Section 3

 Number of Members and Representation: The board shall consist of no fewer than nine (9) members and no more than fifteen {15) members. At least two (2) of the members shall not be parents of students currently enrolled in the school.

Section 4

Procedure for Selecting Board Members

The nominating committee, working with the knowledge and support of the pastor, will recommend parents, parishioners at-large, alumni, parents of alumni and community members to the board for membership.

The board will recommend and submit nominees to the pastor once a consensus is reached. The pastor will approve and invite nominees to serve on the board.

Section 5


Each board member, other than a board member who serves ex-officio, shall be appointed by the pastor for a three-year term. Each ex-officio board member shall serve only during, the time he or she serves in the designated position for which they were appointed to the board.

In order to provide for staggered terms, the initial board members shall be divided into three groups of as nearly equal size as possible with the terms for one group of Board members expiring each year during a three-year period.

Board members may be reappointed; however, no board member shall serve more than two terms consecutively regardless of whether any such term shall be less than three years. Board members shall be eligible for reappointment after not serving on the Board for one year.

Section 6

 Resignation or Removal of Board Members

Any board member who is absent from three (3) successive regular board meetings or a total of four (4) Board meetings in a year shall be deemed to have resigned as a board member unless reinstated with written approval of the pastor.

Any board member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the chair of the board. Such resignation shall take effect at the time specified therein.

The pastor may remove an individual board member for just and sufficient cause after having notified the board of his reasons for this action. Some reasons a member may be removed from the board include: violating the confidentiality of executive sessions; acting contrary to parish/school mission; impeding the board’s defined responsibilities.

Section 7


Any vacancy on the board may be filled by the pastor upon recommendation of the board chair and principal for the unexpired portion of the term in the same manner as provided for in the original appointment.


 Section 1

 Officers: The officers of the board shall be the chair, vice-chair and secretary. They shall be elected annually by the board membership, subject to ratification by the pastor.

Section 2

 Chair: The chair shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the board. The chair also shall preside at executive committee meetings at which the board agenda and packet is prepared. The chair shall have authority to assign additional duties and responsibilities to individual board members, oversee committee activities plan orientation for new members with nominating committee and principal, review board self-assessment and guide the board to consensus on future plans.

Section 3

 Vice-Chair: In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair shall perform all duties of the chair.

Section 4

 Secretary: The secretary written record of all acts of the board; handles all correspondence for the board; preserves reports and documents; notifies members of date and meetings; distributes meeting agendas, committee reports and other consent agenda items at least seven (7) days before board meetings; distributes minutes following each meeting and email materials when possible.

Section 5

 Administrative Officer: The principal shall serve as the administrative officer to the board. In that capacity, the principal is a member of the executive committee. The principal may also call meetings of the executive committee and shall be responsible for bringing information to the board, including diocesan policies and plans.

 Section 6

Minutes: Minutes of all board meetings shall be prepared and filed at the school and forwarded to all board members



 Section 1

 Meetings: The board shall meet according to a yearly schedule agreed upon at the first meeting. There shall be a minimum of four business meetings scheduled per year between September and May. Alternate months shall be used to accomplish committee work. Special meetings may be called by the chair, or in the absence of the chair, by the vice chair, as needed and with the approval of the pastor/principal.

All regular meetings of the board shall be open to all interested parties, and notice of all regular meetings shall be posted in the parish bulletin, school memos and newsletters.

The board shall establish an internal policy addressing how and when non-board members may address the board. The board shall establish an internal board policy addressing “closed meetings” or executive sessions.

Section 2

 Conduct of Meetings: The board shall operate in a spirit of collegiality, shall seek consensus, and shall conduct its business using "Robert's Rules of Order" (latest copyright date) as a guide. The chair shall appoint a parliamentarian when appropriate.

 Section 3

Quorum: A majority of the full membership of the board shall constitute a quorum. Unless otherwise provided, when a vote is taken upon any measure before the board, a quorum being present, a majority of the members voting on the measure shall determine the outcome thereof.

Section 4

Policy Actions: The board shall not vote on recommendations regarding the adoption, modification, or rescission of a school policy at the meeting at which such policy adoption, modification, or rescission is introduced.

 Section 5

Nominations: After consulting with the pastor, the nominating committee shall recommend nominees for board membership to the board, which shall make recommendations to the pastor for approval and appointment once consensus is reached.

Section 6

 Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting of the board shall be held in June. That meeting shall constitute a planning meeting and shall include on its agenda the election of officers for the ensuing year; review and discussion of the board self-assessment; goal setting for the upcoming year and the recognition of those members whose terms have expired.

Section 7

 Resignation: In the event of a resignation of a member(s), the nominating committee shall meet to propose nominees from which the full board shall make recommendations for appointment by the pastor.

Section 8

 Special Meetings: Special meetings of the board may be called at the discretion of the chair, in conjunction with the pastor, or, if the chair is unable or refuses to act, by a majority of the members of the board

Section 9

 Agenda: The board chair, secretary and principal shall develop the agenda. It shall be distributed seven (7) days prior to the meeting along with any supporting documentation and resources.

 Section 10

 Motions: After agreement on the wording of a motion is reached through consensus, a simple majority of those voting on a motion at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall constitute board action on that motion.


 Section 1

 Committee Membership: All board members are expected to serve on a standing committee. Each standing committee shall have such authority and shall perform such duties as may be assigned to it by the board chair. The chair shall assign committee memberships, including committee chairs, after consultation with the full board.

Section 2

 The board shall have the following standing committees:

A.    Executive Committee

The executive committee shall consist of the board chair, vice chair, secretary, finance committee chair and administrative officer. It addresses urgent situations that cannot wait for the next full board meeting, represents the full board when directed by the board to make decisions, provides training, facilitates the annual board evaluation and ensures all committees have written job descriptions. The board chair or administrative officer may call meetings of the executive committee, which are considered closed sessions.

B.    Catholic Identity Committee

The Catholic Identity Committee assists the administration in ensuring that the catholicity of the school is present in all aspects of school life. The committee facilitates the nourishment of the spiritual dimension of the work of the board and gives school advisory board members spiritual resources.

C.   Finance Committee

The finance committee shall assist in developing the plans and means to finance the on-going educational program (i.e., setting tuition, negotiating the parish subsidy with the pastor and parish council, developing the annual operating budget) according to the diocesan format.

D.   Marketing Committee

The marketing committee shall assist in the formulation and implementation of an advancement program, including public relations and marketing, alumni and constituency relations, and enrollment management. The school should be marketed for enrollment, resources, image and Catholic identity.

E.    Nominating and Policy Committee

The nominating and policy committee shall create a process for recruiting new board members and design and implement a process for selecting new board officers. It is responsible for providing appropriate orientations, in-service trainings and evaluations. This committee also assists the administration in the formulation of policy to guide academic, student, business, development and faith community affairs.

F.    Facilities Committee

The facilities committee shall monitor long-term facility maintenance, capital improvements, security, space utilization, and emergency management plans for the schools.

G.   Strategic Planning Committee

The strategic planning committee shall assist in the development and annual updating of the long-range strategic plans and goals of the school.

H.   Development Committee

The development committee develops plans, procedures and schedules for board involvement in third source funding (Catholic Education Arizona).

 Section 3

 Ad Hoc Committees: The board may appoint such ad-hoc committees as it deems advisable and may discontinue the same at its discretion.


 Section 1

 At least once every five years, or more often if determined by the board, a review of the current bylaws shall take place.


 Section 1

 Amendments: These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the authorized voting members of the board, written approval of the pastor and written ratification by the Diocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools. Board members must receive written notice of amendments and copies of proposed amendments one month before a vote to amend.

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