Art Club

The SMB Art Club seeks to encourage and further arts education beyond classroom time.  The club's mission and philosophy supports St. Mary-Basha Catholic School's mission to prepare students for a life that will positively impact the community and educate the whole child as a Catholic and a citizen.

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about art techniques and have studio time to explore their talents.  Students will also create the Eaglethon 2016 design, create costumes and props for the Christmas play, participate in a community project, an art workshop for younger students, and attend a weekend family trip to a museum.

Art Club generally meets every other Thursday in the art room.  Please check the calendar for specific dates.

I am excited to see so many students interested in the club this year! Unfortunately due to the number of current students, Art Club is now closed to new members.  If you have a special request, please see me after school.