The Spanish curriculum covers foreign language standards set by the Diocese of Phoenix.  It is a goal for students to learn language skills in these four areas: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The curriculum also focuses on the Hispanic culture, people, and holidays.

Spanish Curriculum

Grade K: Introduction to vocabulary covering colors, animals, family members; learn to count to ten; learn the Sign of the Cross

Grade 1: Review vocabulary learned in K; introduction to vocabulary covering days of the week, months, seasons, shapes, body parts, insects; learn to count to 30; learn the Guardian Angel Prayer

Grade 2: Review vocabulary learned in grade 1; introduction to vocabulary covering food, feelings, favorite things; learn to introduce themselves to another; learn about adjectives; learn about some Spanish-speaking countries; learn the Hail Mary

Grade 3: Review vocabulary learned in grade 2: introduction to vocabulary covering animals, time, the alphabet; learn about the possessive form; learn the names of the sacraments

Grade 4: Review vocabulary learned in grade 3; introduction to verbs and conjugations; introduction to personal pronouns; learn the Our Father

Grade 5: Review vocabulary and verbs learned in grade 4; introduction to conversational activities; learn the names of the Fruits of the Spirit

Grade 6: Review vocabulary and verbs learned in grade 5; continue conversational activities; learn about Hispanic saints; continue reciting prayers in Spanish

Grades 7-8: Junior High Spanish is part of the elective program. Classes are designed for the duration of one trimester. Students can elect to take Spanish I, Spanish II, or Spanish III. These classes are designed to build upon Spanish skills developed in grades K-6. Students will continue to develop the ability to perform the tasks of a language learner through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There is also Advanced Spanish for independent study with a focus on literature, culture, and fluency in writing and conversation.

Spanish Grading Policy

Grades in Spanish are based on a five point scale, whereby students may earn points daily based on the following: 1. Fruits of the Spirit; 2. Student Learning Expectations; 3. Effort; 4. Conduct; and 5. Participation.