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Students Entering 5th Grade


A fourth grade math student entering 5th grade should be able to:
  • Add and subtract math facts to 20
  • Multiply and divide facts to 12
  • Subtract with regrouping up to five digit numbers (ex: 35,000 - 27,693)
  • Multiply two digit factors times two digit factors (ex: 45 x 37)
  • Divide three digit dividends by a one digit divisor
  • Create equivalent fractions
  • Simplify fractions
  • Rename/convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa
  • Add/subtract with like denominators
  • Find a common denominator and the lowest common denominator 
  • Add/subtract with unlike denominators
  • Add and subtract decimals
  • Measure acute and obtuse angles with a protractor
  • Calculate perimeter and area
  • Convert denominations that make up one dollar (ex: four quarters in one dollar, ten dimes in one dollar)
A fourth grade language arts student entering 5th grade should be able to:
  • Write in cursive
  • Read independently on grade level for a minimum of 20 minutes
  • Write complete sentences using correct conventions (capitalization, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling)
  • Write a 5 sentence paragraph on one topic
  • Identify parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs)
In addition, students entering 5th grade should:
  • Know basic Catholic prayers (including St. Francis Peace Prayer and Memorare), sacraments, and parts of the liturgy
  • Follow and implement the first 10 Discipline With Purpose (DWP) skills
  • Recite the St. Mary-Basha Catholic School Mission Statement
  • Know the St. Mary-Basha Catholic School Student Learning Expectations