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Grade K: Introduction to vocabulary covering colors, animals, family members; learn to count to ten; learn the Sign of the Cross
Grade 1: Review vocabulary learned in K; introduction to vocabulary covering days of the week, months, seasons, shapes, body parts, insects; learn to count to 30; learn the Guardian Angel Prayer
Grade 2: Review vocabulary learned in grade 1; introduction to vocabulary covering food, feelings, favorite things; learn to introduce themselves to another; learn about adjectives; learn about some Spanish-speaking countries; learn the Hail Mary
Grade 3: Review vocabulary learned in grade 2: introduction to vocabulary covering animals, time, the alphabet; learn about the possessive form; learn the names of the sacraments
Grade 4: Review vocabulary learned in grade 3; introduction to verbs and conjugations; introduction to personal pronouns; learn the Our Father
Grade 5: Review vocabulary and verbs learned in grade 4; introduction to conversational activities; learn the names of the Fruits of the Spirit
Grade 6: Review vocabulary and verbs learned in grade 5; continue conversational activities; learn about Hispanic saints; continue reciting prayers in Spanish

Grades 7-8: Junior High classes are designed to build upon Spanish skills developed in grades K-6. Students will continue to develop the ability to perform the tasks of a language learner through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There is also an Advanced Spanish option for independent study with a focus on literature, culture, and fluency in writing and conversation.