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Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition

2024-2025 School Year Rates

Kindergarten-8th Grade Tuition Rates

Active Catholic Rate

Non-Catholic Rate


Per Student



To receive the parishioner rate, families must be registered with a Catholic church and be considered active. If the minimum required is not met, then you will be billed at the Non-Catholic rate.

Tuition rates include basic Fall photo package, yearbook, and field trips (7th & 8th grade field trips not included). 

Pastor Scholarships available - please send inquiries to Naddy Luna, Finance Director at


(Non-Refundable) Fee Schedule



Application Fee

Enrollment Fee 

Technology Fee

HSA Dues

* Fundraising Commitment


$37 per student

$225 per family 

$75 fee per student

$60 fee per family

$385 per family

* Only contributions made to the Annual Fund Eaglethon Campaign will count towards family fundraising obligations. Other fundraising efforts such as library book fund, HSA fees/fundraisers, etc will not count towards family requirements. 

Innovation Learning

Innovation Learning provides after school care for students of St. Mary-Basha Catholic School. We believe in the power of a child’s mind. With decades of educational experience as teachers, school administrators, and parents, we know a child’s capacity to learn and innovate is unleashed when we engage them.

Our program is designed around the idea that students should be active participants and experience increased control of their own learning. We offer a flexible format so students can make choices about what and how they learn during their before and after school program. Couple this with the training we provide to our staff, teaching them to act as learning facilitators, better positions Innovation Learning students for success. Over decades as career educators, we have crafted the ideal framework that marries structured, research-based and skill-building methods with adaptable, creative frameworks that allow children to become innovators.

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